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The New Way to

Spartek, pioneer in floor tiles in India in the 1980’s. Spartek was practically generic name for floor tile,  After a low profile period, Spartek is now re-launching with new identity, new product range, new direction …a renaissance

Once in a while in every industry there comes a turning point. And Spartek is about to usher in a revolution in home décor. Bringing the lines of high fashion from international ramps to global homes for you. With an exquisite range of wall and floor tiles from fashion and home décor centres of the world. And the most exciting bath fittings too. A unique balance of creativity innovation, art and practicality like never before

Who We Are

Spartek, the pioneers in ceramic floor tiles in India, revolutionized the flooring industry in the mid-80’s. So much so that it quickly achieved a generic and even an iconic status. Spartek has the distinction of having the first Vitrified Tiles plant not only in India but in the entire South East Asia as well. It was also the only Asian company to export Premium Vitrified tiles to Italy, the home of tiles.

Fuelled by its penchant for innovations and an inner dynamics that forever propels it forward, Spartek now brings the very latest global collection in tiles and bath solutions. A range which is a unique synergy of the best brands form its global partners, Spartek’s well known quality enhancements and innovations and its strict quality control. Some of the products will be manufactured at Spartek’s own state-of-the-art highly advanced plant in India and the rest developed jointly with its partners world wide.

The Spartek range of Premium Vitrified tiles sets the highest possible standards in quality, design and aesthetics, and makes a unique fashion statement. They embody the latest trend in global homes and take décor to the realms of haute couture.

“Constant innovations, relentless quality enhancements, partnerships with the best   brands in the world, the most modern state-of-the-art plants – for unmatched ranges of global products”

“To introduce the very best of global products in India that will take home décor to the realms of haute couture or high fashion”

In keeping with vision of ‘taking home décor to haute couture or high fashion, the baseline: