These incredible self-deploying buildings pop up in 8 minutes flat

These incredible self-deploying buildings pop up in 8 minutes flat

In the future, buildings could build themselves. Ten Fold Engineering, based in the United Kingdom, is offering self-deploying structures that open up in under 10 minutes solely with the help of a hand-held battery-powered drill. Their 689-square-foot structures could be used as medical clinics, eco hotels or even tree houses.


Ten Fold’s ready-to-use structures offer a glimpse into the future of construction: buildings that can be deployed or folded up in a matter of minutes by anyone. They can be easily relocated and customized to fit a customer’s needs: from offices to mobile supermarkets to beach huts, the options for Ten Fold’s shelters are numerous.


The structures can travel on a standard truck, and can be popped open with little power in eight minutes. The company says they’re fully equipped as soon as they’re opened and can be stacked on top of each other. No foundations are necessary, and Ten Fold says the structures can be deployed on sloped or uneven ground. According to the company, “The components are modular so almost any arrangement of panels, doors, windows, and service pods is possible.” The buildings include 689 square feet of mobile space with 706 cubic feet of storage.


Ten Fold’s structures can even be equipped to go off-grid, with space either inside or via bolt-on modular pods for clean energy like solar power, batteries, and water storage or treatment. The company says their units are durable and have a long lifespan, and can be designed to meet “modern BREEAM and LEED energy, material, and production stability standards.


The company is able to accomplish all this through a family of pin-jointed linkages that can move with little power consumed. They are licensing their technology, saying they aim to bring it to people for whom it will make a difference. The mobile structures begin at £100,000, or around $129,330.



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